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Lawrence County Tourism


Photo Gallery

HERO'S HERO'S WWII POW DAV OUR FRIEND BOB HANSON , FROM BISON S.D. 115928789 METALS RECEIVED AWARDS MADE FOR ACTIONS TAKEN IN FRANCE IN THE TOWN OF PLELO ON AUG 6, 1944 175987812 WWII HERO COL. BOB HAMBSLEY 115928790 BOB HAMSLEY WWII AMERICAN HERO receives Silver Star 70 years later 175987813 IRAQ OUR FRIEND COL. RICK NISSIO 115928791 ROBERT "BOB" HAMSLEY THEN 24 YEARS OF AGE SAVES TOWN AND MANY INHABITANTS IN TOWN OF PLELO FRANCE. 175987814 Lawrence County says Thank YOU County Mayor presents Capt. Hamsley with a Resolution making him the County Ambassador to France and Plaque thanking him for his service to his country and to our county 179351160 FRANCE-ST JAMES BOB HAMSLEY REMEBERS HIS MEN THAT DIED IN FRANCE IN AUG OF 1944 115928792 OMAH BEECH FRANCE 115928793 OMAH BEECH FRANCE 115928794 BOB REMEMBERS FRANCE 2010 115955280 OUR FRIENDS FROM FRANCE WE GATHER IN USA TO REMEMBER 15TH CALVARY USA AND 15TH CAL FRANCE...HOLDING FLAG SIGND BY ALL OF THE 15TH CAL. NOW PASTED ON.. 123270254 Monument in France to Bob Hamsley 18 foot statue honors Col Robert Hamsley and his men. Sitting on the spot where 3 of his men his men were kill. The street leading into the town has been names Hamsley Ave. 131594024 Bob and his men in 1944 WWII France- Bob in front of his tank with two of the men from his tank. 131594025 134182473 Heros honored 134182474 134182475 134182476 134182477 134182478 134182479 198508054